Herbs and Tinctures

mantisDuring the week I teach Tai Chi and other styles of Kung Fu at Dragon Phoenix Kung Fu in North Asheville. Martial Arts has been an interesting journey for me, especially since it was the one who sought me out. Ironically, fighting and arguing are my least favorite things to do. I study Kung Fu to find peace and harmony within myself and the world. That being the case, my studies have led me more to the spiritual and healing sides, and in so also led me to Chinese medicine.

I have many tinctures and liniments designed for healing the body from hard training or physical trauma. Also are many for longevity and boosting performance. Kung Fu means “hard work”, so I use lots of Kung Fu around the farm (in more ways than one). Since I love what I do and keep in shape, often I will work harder than my body would rather I do. Some of these herbs have helped me to sustain energy, recover from overwork, heal injuries, and work even harder. I’m happy to share them with the public because I like to see other people feeling great too. Many of the formulas here are “secret family recipes” that I was able to procure from a reliable source, so an ingredients list is not always available. I do however use high quality ingredients, and these formulas are wicked strong.