Fruits and Vegetables

20170716_131855Each year the garden grows and teaches us new lessons. We’ve been experimenting with various crops to discover what we really love to grow, and what gives us the least hassle.

This year some of our best crops were Garlic, Rainbow Popcorn, Sunflower Seeds, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Mulberries, Apples, and Okra.


The Orchard is projected to begin fruiting by 2020 and includes 4 apple, 2 cherry, 2 pear, 1 olive, 2 plum, 2 nectarine, 2 persimmon, 2 almond, 2 peach, 2 American chestnut, 2 mulberry, 2 English walnut, 3 fig, and 2 pecan. And within those are lots of different varieties too.

We have an old established 100 foot row of blackberries and another 100 feet of black raspberries.

Duck eggs should start up in the spring.

Goji Berry, and Red Raspberry are propagating.

About 2 dozen blueberry bushes and hundreds of strawberries should hopefully start producing in 2019, while we will be planting a whole lot more in the meantime.20180616_090731

With everything going on, its difficult to make it out to markets, etc. Most of our produce is for sale at Dragon Phoenix Kung Fu. I feel the two go well together. Healthy body, healthy mind, healthy spirit. Greens and things that need to stay refrigerated are available through preorder. Things are quieting down for the winter, but expect for them to ramp up when the weather warms. If the garden explodes this coming summer like I expect for it to, I may reach out to other venues to sell our produce.