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Getting the garden ready

I’ve been having great ideals of a no till garden for almost the past two years. After last year almost killing me, the time it takes with a broad fork, and especially the toll it takes on my back, I decided to break out the tiller. It took me a little over an hour to do what was going to be a months worth of work. I suppose there have to be some compromises some places as I balance ideals and the reality of mortality. I’ll be getting seeds in the ground just in time for April showers now, which should prove for a lush garden.

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Indoor Hemp

Trying to stay ahead of the curb in this ever changing hemp market, I’ve been working on building an indoor growing space to increase quality and to keep up with demand for hemp flowers. These Cherry Mom plants will go into their flowering cycle in about a week or so and got to move up to bigger pots today so they could stretch out their toes.

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Spooky Duck House

There’s nothing nicer coming home on a rainy, messy, cold night like tonight, than seeing the little ducks have already tucked themselves in by the light of the heat lamp, and that the new automatic door will take care of things while I get to keep my feet warm and dry.

Also, the duck house made a great Halloween decoration 🙂

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My very first blog, ever.

On my log is to write a blog.

Perhaps in the fog.

Probably sitting next to a dog,

or two.

Maybe I’ll write about me,

maybe I’ll write about you,

or perhaps whatever my mind tells me to.

It may be short, or it may be long.

Could be poetry, prose, or song.

No need for all the world’s strife,

I’m just going to sit here enjoying life.

And play in the dirt.